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All That Remains bassist quits

Bassist Matt Deis has left All That Remains for undisclosed reasons. The group is now in search of a replacement and has lined up several try-outs.


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thegoddamnawesome 5/27/2005 7:50:33 AM

first post, first view, gays.

sawtooth 5/27/2005 8:28:03 AM

i tried out. didn't make it.

youisretarded 5/27/2005 10:12:33 AM

really....he was young too. 20 or 21. he used to post here. why did he quit?

orderamunkey 5/27/2005 11:27:46 AM

ohh my god...this fcking blows...

brickhouz 5/27/2005 2:08:09 PM

great band

a_new_religion 5/27/2005 2:10:29 PM

good. this band sucks.

buckwheat 5/27/2005 4:46:37 PM

I miss Phil posting here.

freeform_jazz 5/27/2005 7:26:04 PM

i still post here gays. haha. shit band. shit bassist. bahh..

oilpoilo 5/27/2005 11:00:59 PM

Most recent post: 2/3/2005 12:20:41 PM pshhh no you dont!

freeform_jazz 5/28/2005 3:03:05 AM

well uh... yeah ... so... uhhh *quits ATR*

Throatchopper 5/28/2005 5:10:17 AM

i used to like all that remains. then i saw them live and it was all over. phil doesnt shut the fck up between songs and LOVES to plug

wyldweasil 5/28/2005 9:47:55 AM

So what are the undisclosed reasons?

xpoopx 5/28/2005 1:06:17 PM

/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ they have yet to be disclosed. fck People. READ!

ihavegas 5/28/2005 2:17:11 PM

that sucks ...

SeveredInTwo 5/28/2005 3:52:27 PM

you guys are a bunch of n00bz, this band is actually pretty damn good.

shredmyaxe 5/28/2005 8:43:49 PM

Doesn't matter, this band is a guitar band anyways.

freeform_jazz 5/29/2005 1:03:33 AM

youre a guitar band. jerk.

SeveredInTwo 5/29/2005 3:07:15 AM

guitar band?? your a god damn gay.

shredmyaxe 5/29/2005 6:20:23 AM

Yeah, gay, if you've heard any two of All That Remains CD's you would know that they rely heavily on guitar, that's what they're best at. Oh wait, you wouldn't because your ears are filled with your Dad's c-m.

DoctorDooom 5/29/2005 8:54:21 PM

^seriously, LOL

SeveredIntwo 5/30/2005 3:35:47 AM

there are bands out there ding it twice as better. Your still stuck in the hardcore/metal phase to understand. fcking n00bz these days.

hangthedj 5/30/2005 10:18:32 PM

ATR is ill.I hope they find someone in time for sounds of commercialism,so i can punch mall kids in the mouth while i enjoy,that was generic of me.

lefttoburn 5/31/2005 11:55:05 AM

LOL everyone talks soo much shit on here. I LOVEEEE it. None of you would say anything to anyone in person, but you get hard behind a computer screen. AWESOMEEEEE. really tough guys over here.

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