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Frank Piegaro (Ensign) benefit

XOXO Records is coordinating a benefit show for Frank Piegaro that will take place on June 4th in New Jersey. Known for his work in bands like Ensign and Degenerics, Piagaro is dealing with mounting medical bills stemming from the treatment he's received for the blood disease, Xanthoma Disseminatum. Here's the official Piagaro story: "Like something straight out of a fairytale, Frank Piegaro’s parents were playing the lead roles of Sandy and Danny in Grease on Broadway when they fell in love. After their whirlwind romance, his mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy on October 21, 1977. During Frank’s early childhood years, he spent time touring with his parents as they pursued their musical careers. After his parents settled down, Frank Piegaro grew up with his parents and his younger sister in New Jersey. He experienced the typical childhood and adolescence that the majority of us are familiar with. The normalcy in his life came to a crashing halt when he noticed some irregularities on his skin in February of 1999 . Immediately, he took multiple visits to various doctors, fruitlessly hoping for an explanation or a diagnosis as the condition of his skin rapidly grew worse. It was not until he visited a distinguished dermatologist in 2001 that he got a diagnosis - Xanthoma Disseminatum. Unfortunately, instead of feeling relieved finally having a diagnosis came feelings of more despair. Xanthoma Disseminatum was a rare disease that little research had been done on and no treatment seemed to be available at the time. Only ten people in the United States have been diagnosed with this disease, and he is one of the youngest to ever be diagnosed. Desperate for an answer or a cure, Frank Piegaro resorted to experimental treatments which later exacerbated his condition. Finally, in December of 2004 he visited the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where he was given some hope. After undergoing two weeks of testing, the physicians told Frank that they may have a treatment for his condition. They recommended him to undergo chemotherapy to alleviate or even cure his disease. With the recommendation came the fact that only one other individual had undergone this treatment and had success with it. He is currently undergoing intense treatments of chemotherapy and is patiently waiting for the best." The benefit is being held at the Wayne Firehouse in Wayne, NJ. All profits from the event will be donated to Piegaro. The confirmed lineup for the event includes the following bands: Hot Cross Zombie Apocalypse Fanshen The Number Twelve Looks Like You The Ratchets Nora Ensign For The Love Of God Forbid Bigwig There will also be merchandise and gift certificate raffles from donations by Eyeball Records, Chunksaah Records, Asian Man Records, One Day Savior Recordings, Curmedgeon Music, XOXO Records, Triple Crown Records, Truskill Records,, and otheres. The entrance fee is $15 and the event begins at 2pm.

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