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Throwdown finish new album

Throwdown have finished recording and mixing their next album for Trustkill Records. Entitled "Vendetta," the album was recorded by Zeuss and will hit stores on July 12th. The track listing is as follows: 01. We Will Rise 02. Speak The Truth 03. Vendetta 04. Burn 05. Discipline 06. To Live Is To Sacrifice 07. Give My Life 08. The World Behind 09. Shut You Down 10. Annihilation (N.W.D.) 11. This Is Where It Ends According to the band, "It's a lot more pissed than Haymaker and it's a lot more diverse too. The fast parts are faster, the breakdowns are more crushing, and the guitars, drums and especially vocals are a lot more dynamic than anything we've ever done. Every one from Madball fans to Pantera and Slayer fans can get into it."

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