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The Red Chord, Bury Your Dead, ALOL tour

The first set of dates for the upcoming The Red Chord, Bury Your Dead, A Life Once Lost, and If Hope Dies tour has been set. Many more dates will be announced, but here's the latest: 4/1 Lemoyne PA @ Champion Ship 4/4 Jacksonville FL @ Thee Imperial 4/5 Miami FL @ The Alley 4/7 Orlando FL @ The Back Booth 4/8 Ybor City FL @ The Orpheum 4/9 Tallahassee FL @ Big Daddy's 4/10 Baton Rouge LA @ The Darkroom 4/11 Little Rock AR @ Vino's Brewpub 4/12 Memphis TN @ The Complex 4/20 Wilkes-Barre PA @ Cafe Metropolis


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Screamin_Jay_Hawkins 2/9/2005 10:04:19 AM

frost prost?

kevin_lovelost 2/9/2005 10:04:28 AM

seattle please, first post

kevin_lovelost 2/9/2005 10:04:49 AM


Dave2112 2/9/2005 10:07:55 AM

Wull bev theres.

Kefka 2/9/2005 10:08:17 AM

Orlando = Goodness

deadgeneration 2/9/2005 10:09:11 AM

i doubt there will be a seattle date if the dates they have now are all on the east coast.

RalphWiggum 2/9/2005 10:13:14 AM

I really need to move back to Florida no shows come through Virginia Beach

StreetForce 2/9/2005 10:21:37 AM

where the fck is lemoyne?

tomgilk 2/9/2005 10:49:59 AM

4/1 Lemoyne PA @ Champion Ship. It's next to Harrisburg. This show will sick.

xpoopx 2/9/2005 10:54:43 AM

That's almost a good tour with the exception of Bury Your Dead.

_and_ 2/9/2005 10:55:38 AM

lol!! haha! get it?

daysunderfire 2/9/2005 11:17:53 AM

will be at the show in wilkes-barre

xsamx 2/9/2005 11:39:33 AM

fcking east coast fcks! goddamit.

horsecow162 2/9/2005 11:57:25 AM

why don't these stupid bands come thru philly? why do they go to these shithole suburbs?

TheBigL9 2/9/2005 12:18:10 PM

Sketchy Lemoyne, PA...will be there.

cradface 2/9/2005 12:49:28 PM

this tour is 2 months long. it will hit philly and seatle and every other city. only 10 dates out of 60 are there.

tomgilk 2/9/2005 1:12:57 PM

They're coming to Lemyone cause the day I found out about this I got ahold of Champ and they got this tour before anyone else could. And sketchy? That venue is awesome, you're retarded.

karatexkid 2/9/2005 1:20:04 PM

the champion ship is a good place. if it wasnt for the god-awful turnpike tolls id go there more often.

gorilla_nuts 2/9/2005 1:29:48 PM

will breakdowns be in attendence?

a_new_religion 2/9/2005 1:33:18 PM

ALOL?!? LOL!!!1

withdeadhandsrising 2/9/2005 1:55:38 PM

BYD came through philly a couple months ago. This tour needs to come to Jersey.

Jay 2/9/2005 2:57:26 PM

<b>The first set of dates</b> meaning there will be more sets of dates in the future. Stop being bitches

agent_friday 2/9/2005 3:00:55 PM

just what florida needs. 982375982735982375 shows.

yellowbananaman 2/9/2005 3:07:24 PM

why don't bands ever play canada?

d4n 2/9/2005 3:22:18 PM

there better be west coast dates on this tour! i'm way stoked on going to see these bands. i hope they play the troubadour in LA

simmia 2/9/2005 4:28:55 PM


xadfx 2/9/2005 4:46:33 PM

kevin_lovelost 2/9/2005 10:04:28 AM seattle please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tomgilk 2/9/2005 5:19:50 PM

It's prolly too much of a pain in the ass to cross the border into Canada.

a_new_religion 2/9/2005 5:48:24 PM

because you have to pay a tax on all your merch. and some of the guys might be on probation? who knows.

crimsoneyes 2/9/2005 6:12:26 PM

take out bury your dead and if hope dies and put on through the eyes of the dead and as hope dies.

crimsoneyes 2/9/2005 6:14:00 PM

take off bury your dead and if hope dies. then add through the eyes of the dead and as hope dies.

monarchy 2/9/2005 7:28:35 PM

how about leave bury your dead.

mickeyoneill 2/9/2005 9:23:18 PM

the red chord are playing at the alley? shit is going to explode

Randy305 2/9/2005 10:42:58 PM

whoa whoa whoa?! the alley??? that's fcking crazy,i doubt it'll be there,i gotta find out

SeveredInTwo 2/10/2005 12:05:51 AM

i could care less for any of these bands

fuckmoshcalls 2/10/2005 7:54:22 AM

Too bad Bury Your Dead has stood the mitten state up 5 times now.

misteroverzealous 2/11/2005 12:52:44 PM

why don't these stupid bands come thru philly? why do they go to these shithole suburbs?umm suburbs = $$$ the kids are loaded and are willing to put up with ridiculous merch prices just so they can show off the "latest" band at school.

fuckascene 2/13/2005 10:06:24 AM

i think that'll be a rockin tour ,hopefully they come through cleveland

poopdood 4/6/2005 8:22:09 PM

sweet tour!!! but no tx date. GODAMMIT!!!!!!!!!

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