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Throwdown set to record album

California's Throwdown will be entering the studio next month with producer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall) to record their new full-length album, "Vendetta." The effort will consist of thirteen tracks, including the following: Shut You Down Burn I'd Give My Life This Discipline And We Rise Here's what vocalist Dave Peters says about the new album: "We want to remind the hardcore and metal world what this music is and isn't about, because some people seem to have forgotten. We wrote these songs to crush all the trendy bullshit out there, and we're going to do just that... We make it a point to make each record twice as brutal as the one that preceded it and we were worried that we couldn't do that after 'Haymaker.' But two weeks into the writing process for 'Vendetta,' we just had to laugh. These songs destroy that album... We're making the heaviest record of 2005, unless Meshuggah goes into the studio, then we'll be making the second heaviest record of the year... Everyone has that one or two special records that makes them want to punish everyone that ever wronged them. We want to make that record for today's hardcore and metal kids. An album that does what Pantera's 'Vulgar Display Of Power' and Sepultura's 'Chaos A.D.' did for us. We won't be satisfied until we've made that album." Look for the record to hit stores in July via Trustkill Records. Meanwhile, in March, Throwdown will headline a two-week tour with The Chariot and It Dies Today, followed by a U.S. and Canadian tour with As I Lay Dying.

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