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Slaughter To Prevail frontman Alex Terrible 'throws hands' in his debut Bare Knuckle match

alex terrible bar knuckle fight

Alex Terrible took a little time off from fronting the rising deathcore outfit Slaughter To Prevail to step into the ring for his first ever bare knuckle boxing match recently. 

Terrible looks to be working with Ross Kellin of Renzo Gracie in Fort Lauderdale, FL, who was in attendance for the skirmish. 

Terrible also shared some footage of the fight via his Instagram, which you can watch below. 



Also over the weekend Slaughter To Prevail performed at Graspop Metal Meeting and during their set a fan was injured and had to be taken away in an ambulance, but not before Terrible rushed over to check on the injured fan and even take a selfie with him.

Terrible shared the following:

We played @graspopmetalmeeting tonight and during our set we had to stop 2 time because people got injured. After the set I saw ambulance and I thought maybe it was our fan. I was right. When he saw me he was so happy and I was happy as well. If you read this I'm sorry man, but hope you are alright. Our manager caught it on the video, if you see this or you know this guy dm my mamager @ilya.mamay I want to send this man mask 


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