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Download Festival suspend Barclays Bank Sponsorship, Dying Wish confirm they will play

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Over the past week, controversy has surrounded the upcoming Download Festival at Donington Park in the UK. Many bands have voiced their displeasure with the event's sponsorship by Barclays Bank due to its ties to the situation in Gaza. Some bands have already removed themselves from the lineup in protest.

However, today the festival has removed the sponsor from the festival as confirmed by the BBC. A spokesperson from Live Nation shared:

Following discussion with artists, we have agreed with Barclays that they will step back from sponsorship of our festivals.

While a representative of Barclays shared a statement and clarified that customers with Barclays tickets will still have valid tickets:

Barclays was asked and has agreed to suspend participation in the remaining Live Nation festivals in 2024.

Barclays customers who hold tickets to these festivals are not affected and their tickets remain valid. The protesters' agenda is to have Barclays debank defence companies which is a sector we remain committed to as an essential part of keeping this country and our allies safe.

The only thing that this small group of activists will achieve is to weaken essential support for cultural events enjoyed by millions.

It is time that leaders across politics, business, academia and the arts stand united against this.


Following that announcement, Dying Wish after threatening to pull out of the festival if the sponsorship wasn't removed has confirmed that they will in fact play sharing the following statement:

Download has informed us that they have officially removed Barclays as a sponsor from their festival - we will be playing tomorrow as scheduled. We never wanted to let anyone down and celebrate the news that the boycott was successful. Huge thank you to everyone who was involved in making this possible.

We appreciate the understanding and support as we stand by something that truly matters to us. We are so proud to be a part of a community that can come together and create change.

That being said - we cannot wait to see you tomorrow at 4:40 pm on the Dogtooth stage. With love, solidarity and free Palestine forever

- Dying Wish



No word on if the acts that have previously pulled out (Scowl, Speed, Ithaca, Zulu, and more) will be re-added back to the line up or not. 

However, if not you can catch many at a benefit show that is also going on this evening.

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