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Download Festival remove then add Barclays logo, Dying Wish threatens to drop from festival

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Earlier in the week Scowl, Zulu, Speed, and others dropped from the upcoming Download Festival set to take place starting tomorrow, June 14th, due to Barclays Banks sponsorship of the event and their involvement in the war in Gaza.

In the last few days it was reported that Download removed the Barclaycard logo from the partner list on the festival's website. However, hours later users noticed the logo was back up on the website. It is not clear why or when the logo was removed/re-added.



The Twitter account @bandsboycottbarclays mentioned the logo reappearing as well as reiterating their cause:

As artists, we are using a boycott strategy to make these demands. In the process, we are raising public awareness of Barclays' role in the genocide by refusing to let the bank hide behind our creative outputs.

As musicians, we are not just calling for a ceasefire. We are using our power to create the conditions for one by removing financial support for weapons.



In another series of tweet the account added:

Why boycott Barclays? We get this question a lot, so we thought we'd make an informative thread with more information on why we are boycotting Barclays.

Barclays is facilitating and profiting from Israel's attacks against Palestinians by providing investment, loans, and underwriting to companies supplying Israel with weapons and military technology

A report released last month revealed that Barclays invests £2billion and provides a further £6.1billion in loans and underwriting to 9 companies whose weapons, components, and military technology are used in Israel's genocide and underlying settler-colonial apartheid regime

In response to music festival boycotts, Barclays have issued a statement saying they don't "directly invest" but facilitate shareholding in these companies. This only refers to the £2bn and either way, they profit. They have not yet addressed the £6.1bn in unrestricted loans



In addition, PWN hardcore outfit Dying Wish is the next band to speak out about the partnership, threatening to drop off the festival lineup if the festival does not cut ties with Barclays Bank:

Either Download will drop the Barclay's sponsorship or we will be dropping the festival. We will not be involved without it. We appreciate your patience over the last few days as we sort this out. Shout out to every band and person involved in the boycott and FREE PALESTINE



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