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Hate Eternal finishing up new record

The new Hate Eternal album is currently being mixed and should be completed on January 4th. Entitled "I, Monarch," should hit stores in April 2005 via Earache Records. Here's a statement from guitarist Erik Rutan regarding the effort: "Just wanted to let all the fans know our third Hate Eternal record 'I, Monarch' is being mixed as we speak and shall be finished on January 4th, 2005 for a spring 2005 release. I just want to say that never have I been so prepared for an album and never have I spent so much time crafting an album. Therefore I feel like we really captured something special. It sounds amazing. At my studio I bought the analog 2 inch machine from Morrisound that we recorded the whole album to, which was very special. Jim Morris sold it to me. In the past I recorded both 'Domination' and part of the 'Gateways...' album with it, and it's been used on great albums by numerous other bands like Deicide, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Death, so it is a very classic machine and I am very honored to have it be a part of my studio now. The tones on this album are amazing, such depth and clarity yet so pummeling.The material is very diverse I feel without compromising what Hate Eternal represents, which is an extreme Metal outfit. I got some killer solos on here and the drumming on the record is groundbreaking I feel, so I am very psyched to get this thing out and tour our asses off next year. I think everyone will be very pleased. We look forward to getting back on the road and supporting 'I, Monarch' with a few surprises for sure . Hope all is Well for all our fans out there and be prepared!"

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