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Falling In Reverse drum tech shows intense POV of pyrotechnic mishap at Sonic Temple

FIR Pyro Sonic Temple

Falling In Reverse's set at Sonic Temple last weekend was disrupted during the performance of their new single, "Ronald",  when the finale was plagued by pyrotechnic problems, even forcing the band to pause and restart the final song of their set.

The dramatic pyro display intended to amplify the band's performance was adjusted during the set by the stage crew. Still, during the final song, the flames proved too intense, becoming a safety hazard for the band's drummer, Luke Holland, along with other members of the crew, who sustained minor burns due to the heat.



Falling In Reverse drum tech Matt Horn, who was on stage at various points to assist with backfilling drum parts, witnessed the massive flames up close. 

On his YouTube channel, you can follow a point-of-view video of his day leading up to the performance. Footage from his POV camera, along with a drum cam video on Luke Holland captured the fiery mishap in real time.

Despite the heat, Falling In Reverse managed to complete their set. The behind-the-scenes video shows Horn entering the green room, grabbing a slice of pizza, and discussing the harrowing experience with Luke and other band members.



Following the performance, the crew could also be seen inspecting the stage lights, some of which had melted from the intense heat.



Comparatively, in a previous video uploaded by Matt Horn from Rockville a few weeks prior, the flames were notably smaller. Along with calmer winds, it seems the pyrotechnics were toned down a notch for the Florida performance compared to Sonic Temple.



Luckily, as previously reported, everyone was able to walk away with minimal injury, all things considered, though a few stage lights will no doubt need to be replaced. 

Watch Matt Horn's Drum Tech POV video below for the full experience. 


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