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Stabbing sign to Century Media Records, share updated demos ft Devourment and PeelingFlesh

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Israel Mendoza

Houston, Texas-based brutal death metal unit Stabbing have signed a worldwide contract with Century Media Records. To celebrate, they have unleashed new versions of "Vortex of the Severed Dead" and "Pulled Apart," featuring guest vocals from Devourment's Ruben Rosas and PeelingFlesh's Damonteal "D" Harris. The tracks, which originally appeared on last year's aptly titled Demo 2023, can now be streamed with newfound clarity—and brutality, boast a new mix and master by Cryptopsy's Christian Donaldson.


Vocalist Bridget Lynch shared the following:

After basically caring about nothing but brutal death metal for around 11 years now, I am stoked to be a part of something that brings this style of music to a wider audience through CM. I never expected this but am very grateful for the opportunity to share my love for this more niche style, which I consider to be death metal in its truest form, and to help push this part of the extreme underground in some way via Stabbing.


Century Media Vice President of A&R Mike Gitter added:

Stabbing live up to their name. They set new standards in extreme metal that Century Media has always pushed to be at the forefront of. This is the sound of brutality you're not soon to forget and we're excited to be working together.


A visualizer created by Dylan Gould is avialable below.



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