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Tommy Vext (ex-Bad Wolves) arrested on new charges in Arizona (UPDATED)

Tommy Vext Hannah Keller

Thomas Cummings aka Tommy Vext, the former Bad Wolves vocalist, was arrested on May 12th, 2024, by the Gila County Sheriff's Office in Arizona. The charge listed was "Threatening or Intimidating / Physical Injury or Property Damage." Unfortunately at the time of publication, specific details about the incident were not disclosed. 

UPDATED: Vext and his girlfriend Hannah Keller have released a video statement below, explaining their side of the situation.

Vext's history is marked by various legal controversies. In 2020, he faced serious allegations of domestic violence from his ex-girlfriend, Whitney Johns, leading to a restraining order and the court ordering Vext to pay back Johns' legal fees. Additionally, back in 2008, there were accusations that Vext was involved in an altercation at a metal concert, where Dino Cazares's wife claimed that they were attacked by Vext. This incident occurred shortly after his dismissal from Divine Heresy for alleged temper issues during performances.

He ultimately split with Bad Wolves in 2021 due to disagreements within the band and his significant public and personal controversies, including his comments on social and political issues which he claimed led to his departure from the band​.

Tommy Vext was listed as one of three arrests on May 12th by the Gila County Sherrif's Office:

UPDATE: Vext left this message on our Instagram page regarding the story:

Go see my post for the full story. My girlfriend was assaulted by her childhood abuser & I was falsely arrested when I arrived to the police station to make a witness report as I was on a FaceTime call in Las Vegas witnessing the assault

In the video, transcribed by Lambgoat, Vext explained:

Hey, guys. Most of you guys know my girlfriend Hannah. We've been dating for almost 11 months now. 

I wanted to come on here and address some issues that have gone on this weekend. I know you guys saw that I had posted on Saturday to please pray for our family. It's been a nightmare of a weekend. 

So, Saturday, I was in Vegas, and basically, I had gotten a call from Hannah in the morning first that there's a member of her family who is an abuser who is not allowed around her or her children. And we believe that they got wind that we were relocating the family to Phoenix on Wednesday to our new place and decided that he would show up. So, he showed up unannounced against her wishes to their residence where her and the girls were and her mother. 

And she took the kids and left for a while, called me, called C.J. Dunning, who's a good friend of ours, called her sponsor. We all said, "Hey, if this person is going to remain on the property, your mother's not going to have them removed, just book an Airbnb and go to the Airbnb." The kids had a school function. After the school function, she wanted to go home, get them clothes for the week. We booked an Airbnb.

Again, I was in Vegas, and she's in Payson, Arizona, so I'm hundreds of hundreds of miles away. Just do what we said in therapy, just follow the rules. Do what your sponsor says. And around, what was it? It was around five o'clock. I get a text message from her. Her oldest daughter doesn't want to go to the Airbnb. 

So, I FaceTimed her and I was like, "Hey, just let me talk to her oldest daughter," and just see what's going on and why she's upset. And I could hear in the background that she was upset. And then I started to hear yelling. And her abuser, who's her father, he came into frame and he said, "I'm going to bash her fucking skull in." And then grabbed my girlfriend by the sleeve of her shirt and began punching her. And I saw him strike you three times. 

So, she dropped the phone. I panicked and called 911. Because he said he threatened to kill her, and then I witnessed the assault. I reported as an attempted murder. Police were dispatched. She managed to get her phone and get away from him, her. Her actual... not the father of her children. It's her own father. So he's an abusive alcoholic. And so, the youngest daughter had to get in between, push, stop her father from being on top of her, punching her. And she got her phone. She called 911. 

I packed up bags, threw them in my car, and began to drive from... I'm in Enterprise, Las Vegas, driving to Payson Arizona, which is six and a half, seven hours away. And I'm just freaking out. I'm calling her a sponsor, calling all these people. Then I'm calling her and I can't get a hold of her. Then she calls me back and is like, I'm being arrested. In an attempt to protect the abuser, the mother lied to the police with the father and said that she struck her child or spanked her child. So they took her away.

So, I'm completely baffled by this. We've been together for 11 months. I have never seen this woman so much as raise her voice to her children. Unfortunately, we are both sober, but we come from addict families and alcoholics. This is usually what happens when you get better and you start setting boundaries. This is something I experience with my brother.

I recognize the father's behavior is, if you're accused of sexually and physically abuse of your child, you don't attack them with violence. Basically, I drove all the way there to post-bail if I needed to post-bail. Then in addition to that, I wanted to make a police report because I was a witness, and I had tried to speak to the police on the phone, and they wouldn't call me back.

So, I drove all the way to Phoenix overnight, got to Phoenix at about 1:00 in the morning, couldn't sleep. The officer at the Payson County Jail office said that she would be seeing a judge at 8:00 in the morning. I slept for about an hour and a half, got back in my car, and then drove all the way to Payson another two hours, hour and a half, hour and 45 minutes, went straight to the jail house, said, "I need to make a police report. I'm a witness to a violent crime." They said, "You got to go to the police precinct or on the block." So, I drove to the Payson Police Precinct and asked to speak to the arresting officer, asked to make a statement, and I gave them my name, and they said, "We have to place you under arrest." 

This is the ridiculousness of how the family dynamic can be so sick. It's like people don't want the truth to come out so bad that they will literally do anything to protect themselves. Another family member had been alerted that I was driving to go pick her up and call the police and said I was going to come there and kill everybody, which I went there. I had no possession of a firearms. I wasn't even mad. I was scared. I had to watch her get assaulted. As a man, just to see the person that you love, and I'm so far away, I blame myself that I didn't move her sooner because I know how bad it is. And the police were like, "Look, we know this is bullshit, but we literally have to put you under arrest." So I was like, "Alright." So they fingerprinted me.

Lambgoat posted my mug shot. I'm laughing at it. Everyone is like, "This is ridiculous." And they realized something is really wrong, the stories are not adding up. So basically, I went into a cell for an hour and a half, and I watched a movie, and then I came out, spoke to the judge, and they were like, "Oh, you got a misdemeanor. You just got to come back and plea not guilty, and we'll see you in two weeks." 

That's what the situation is. I know that I'm sure Doc and them, people are trying to blow this out of proportion or make it like, oh, I did something. They're desperately trying to save their careers by defaming me. But the reality is that my girlfriend was violently assaulted, and I showed up, and I did all the right things. I'm 15 years sober. Don't need the drama. She doesn't need this. I'm sad for her kids. Luckily, they're safe with their father, who's a good man. All this stuff is going to get sorted out. But it's not okay for families to act like this, especially around small children.

It's deeply hurting because I grew up in environments like this. It's unacceptable that literally an eight-year-old girl has to protect her 30-year-old mother from her 65-year-old father who's throwing haymakers at her.

We've got lawyers on this, and we're going to prosecute them. We're going to go to the full extent of the law, and that's it. So just continue to please pray for us. Everything's fine.

People are like, "Oh, Tommy's arrested." I'm like, "I walked inside a jail cell for literally an hour and a half and walked out," which I needed to take a nap because I hadn't slept in how many days. If there's anything, any other questions or anybody has any other like, "Oh, what's going on?" Because the media loves the drama. I'm already somebody I've come out as conservative, and I got dragged for all that stuff. There's always going to be drama with people who are on the outside. 

But the reality is that this is the situation that happened. This is my partner, This is my person. I don't care if you were in London or if you were in Africa and you got hit on the phone, I'd be on my first flight there. I'm sorry I was late. I should have been there. I don't know, this is what happens. 

Anyway, we love you guys. We're okay. We're safe. Everybody's safe, and we appreciate the concern. This is the thing… Even now, we have to pray for these people. And as much as it's aggravating, we can't be Christians and then persecute and hate because these people are sick. 

Anyway, thank you. Sorry, it's been very emotional for us. I never in a million years thought I would see anything like this. You guys see our relationship is public. You know how much we love each other, and you know that this has been like… Especially for me, I was alone for a long time, and I finally found someone good, and it's it's very hard to watch someone good be treated so bad and then feel powerless.

Alright, anyway, I just wanted to clear that up so if there's any confusion or anybody doesn't understand what's going on, that's what happened. We love you guys and thank you so much.

Everything is back to work. The lawyers are doing what the lawyers do, and then we're just getting back to life. It was a terrible weekend. I hope everyone had a better weekend than we did. But yeah, have a good one. Alright, thanks. 

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