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Code Orange featured in Audiotree In-Studio perfromance

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In September of 2023, Code Orange stopped by Audiotree studios located in Chicago, IL to record a in-studio performance. As usual, Audiotree also held a short interview with the band having them expand on their music and other topics.

The in studio performance and interviews are now streaming over on the Audiotree YouTube channel.

Audiotree shared the following:

Working together for over 15 years with the same group of people is never easy, but for Code Orange, it's their mission. Through trial and error, vocalist and band leader Jami Morgan has realized the strengths of his 5 band members need to be harnessed, not suppressed. In doing so, Code has maintained an unique and unparalleled voice in modern rock and metal music.

Themes of fear, self-reflection, and transformation run deep in the band's latest album 'The Above.' Rather than boxing themselves into the genre they came up in, the group focused their energy into experimentation, allowing their creative impulses flow. For guitarist Reba Meyers, audience polarization is not an issue, she's more concerned with authenticity. In order to be a voice for evolution, Code has fanned the flames of their own creative spark rather than mimic others.

While spending time with the band, it was clear how much attention to detail they put into their image, their music, and their performance. Staying true to your creative vision, not only requires a fearlessness, but also requires a confidence in the knowledge of where you stand within yourself and with those around you. Code Orange has cultivated that same essence within  themselves and their community, and it's given them the space to be unapologetically themselves.

We're so psyched to share this incredible performance from Code Orange on Audiotree From Nothing!


0:00 Intro
1:15 Take Shape
4:44 On Connectedness / Evolving
7:28 Theatre of Cruelty
11:16 On Growth / Criticism
14:23 Mirror
19:49 On Fear / Ego

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