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Armored Saint re-sign with Metal Blade Records for multi-album deal

Armored Saint

Stephanie Cabral

Heavy metal vets Armored Saint have re-signed with Metal Blade Records through a worldwide multi-album deal. The band's history with the label dates back to their debut EP in 1983, and now continues with a fresh record scheduled for 2025.

Vocalist John Bush's supergroup Category 7, containing members of Machine Head, Exodus, Shadows Fall, and more, also recently inked a deal with the label a few weeks back.

The band members and Metal Blade label head Brian Slagel all shared their thoughts on the renewed collaboration, take a read through those quotes below.

Singer John Bush comments: 

Armored Saint cemented our family relationship with Metal Blade even more by signing a new contract for a record due in 2025. There is nowhere else I'd rather be! I love [Chairman/CEO] Brian [Slagel], [President] Tracy [Vera], and the staff. It's home. What more can I say.

Drummer Gonzo Sandoval says: 

I'm pleased to say that in the year of 2024 we have re-signed a record deal with Metal Blade Records. Once again, I'm looking forward to making killer ARMORED SAINT music with Metal Blade as our record label. I feel blessed and appreciate the opportunity to be able to release a new ARMORED SAINT record in 2025! Stay tuned ARMORED SAINT Hooligans throughout the world and beyond and spread the word. ARMORED SAINT for Life!

Gutarist Phil Sandoval notes: 

ARMORED SAINT and Metal Blade have a long history and after all the incredible amount of trials and tribulations the band has been through, Metal Blade has been there for ARMORED SAINT. Brian Slagel in particular was paramount in getting me back in the band to record Symbol Of Salvation along with Jeff Duncan. And in 2024 we have a new deal. I just want to say, 'Thank you, Metal Blade.'

Gutarist Jeff Duncan said: 

I'm so thrilled to sign a new deal with Metal Blade Records. Metal Blade has been ARMORED SAINT's home for many years and I'm looking forward to another new and productive chapter with them!

Bass player Joey Vera agreed: 

We're honored to continue our long relationship with Metal Blade Records with this new signing. Their staunch support for ARMORED SAINT has been one of the pillars in the band's history. We cannot do any of this without them and we look forward to bringing even more new music this year.

And finally, adds Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel

I am honored and humbled to continue our long standing relationship with ARMORED SAINT! One of the best metal bands of all time! So happy to keep them in the Metal Blade family!

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