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My Dying Bride release lyric video for "Her Dominion" off newly released album

My Dying Bride

British death-doom legends My Dying Bride have released their 15th studio album, A Mortal Binding, today. Alongside the album release, the Yorkshire-based sextet has unveiled their final single from the album titled "Her Dominion". The track is accompanied by an evocative lyric video created by Tommy Antonini.

Guitarist Andrew Craighan shared the following:

The video very closely represents the downward spiral the song itself is portraying. A twisted internal division masquerading as beauty. Enjoy the darkness.



Andrew Craighan recently appeared on This Day In Metal's podcast and during his conversation with host Lindsay C was asked about the recent cancellations of all the band's upcoming live events for 2024.

It appears the announcement of My Dying Bride performing at Maryland Deathfest was a mistake and that the organizers privately apologized and has since removed My Dying Bride from the line up.

Craighan shared:

Well, Maryland Deathfest, firstly, shouldn't have said that, and they know that and have since apologized — well, privately apologized.

Speaking on the other cancellations for 2024 Craighan added:

We have some live problems, which we're, how best to say it? ..massaging, I would say. They're not insurmountable. I don't have all the facts just yet, which means I don't wanna blab too much. But we're in talks with everybody who has the facts, and we will be putting out a statement, basically, that either will explain or at least calm people down as to what's going on.

It's all a bit weird right now, so it's difficult to talk about, mainly because I don't wanna say anything out of turn and then everything you say will be used in evidence against you and all that.

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