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Dance Gavin Dance split with vocalist Tilian Pearson

Tilian Pearson (DGD)

Dance Gavin Dance have announced they have parted way with vocalist Tilian Pearson. In 2022, Pearson took a break from the band follow accusations of sexual misconduct forcing tour cancellations but rejoined the band a few months later.

It seems the band has ultimately decided to split up with Pearson.

The band released the following statement:

Dance Gavin Dance has always attempted to reconcile situations internally. But, after much consideration, we have as a collective decided to say farewall to our long time member and friend, Tilian. We wish him luck, along with our support and respect for his future endeavors in music and life.

We thank him for his years of friendship and contribution during his time in Dance Gavin Dance. As people grow and change, creative differences can arise and life paths and goals may no longer align.

We want to than you for your support over the past the two decades. We are truly grateful that we can continue to play music as a career and we are excited to move forward with this new era for the band.



Pearson himself gave his own statement on the matter:

I had an absolute blast making songs and albums with this group of unbelievably talented dudes for the past 12 years.

We had a truly unique connection with one of the most dynamic fan bases out there. I have nothing but gratitude for the lush and enigmatic experience we all got to share together in this era of Dance Gavin Dance.

In more recent years, we were lucky enough to build relationships with the outstanding men and women that joined our touring crew. They were instrumental in making our shows larger than life, and I'll always cherish their part in what we were able to create.

Now it's time for a new chapter. I will be focusing on making new music on a different canvas. I'm currently in the studio perfecting a new Tilian album and will be playing live shows to support it later this year.

I know the future will hold new collaborations and new projects, so I hope that any of you I've connected with musically or poetically will lend your ears to the next melodic alchemy I intend on cooking up.

Eternally thankful,


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