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Cradle of Filth reiterate they are not playing Rampage Summer Festival in Thailand

cradle of filth 2023

Annie Atlasman

It appears there is a discrepancy regarding Cradle of Filth's billing at the Rampage Summer Festival alongside As I Lay Dying, Madball, and others. Cradle of Filth has clarified that they were never paid and arrangements for flights and accommodations were not made, leading the band to cancel their participation in the event some time ago.

The band shared the following:

Hi everyone, it's come to our attention that we are still being advertised on the Rampage Summer Festival in Thailand on May 3rd.

Unfortunately the promoter never paid us, booked our flights or organized any of the necessary items for us to play this event so it was cancelled weeks ago.

If you bought a ticket expecting to see us, demand a refund. We are very saddened by this as we love Thailand and were looking forward to playing for you.


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