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Dååth share new single "Ascension" featuring Dean Lamb (Archspire) along with music video

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Alex Morgan

Atlanta based progressive death metal outfit Dååth have shared their new single, "Ascension", from the band's upcoming album, The Deceivers, out May 3 via Metal Blade Records.  The song features a guest appearance from Dean Lamb of Archspire.

Pre-order The Deceivers here.

Guitarist Eyal Levi shared the following about the new song:

"Ascension" explores mindless conformity and how easily one can fall victim to coercion. From the first hit of the drum opening, the song is a powerhouse that delivers a journey through larger-than-life orchestrations fused with flattening metal devastation. This song is a beast. Riffs for days, brutality and groove, there are soaring solos all over the place, plus, it's peppered with parallel universe Danny Elfman moments.

Synth/Guitarist Jesse Zuretti added:

Rarely is it true to be taken on a ride with music; let "Ascension" prove its validity by guiding you through warping passages, orchestral fidelity, uncommonly creative musicianship, and uncontested power. "Ascension" is the year's mindfuck, carrying the listener from different realms of musical identity, showcasing talent to points that'll make you think it's otherworldly. Of all of the tracks you'll hear in 2024, this will be one you'll be revisiting the most whilst scratching your head in disbelief.




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