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Leeway's Eddie Sutton to enter hospice care

eddie leeway

Leeway vocalist, Eddie Sutton, has entered hospice care as he continues to fight against lung cancer. The musician disclosed his Stage 3 Adenocarcinoma diagnosis in 2021. 

Towards the end of last month, he transitioned to a hospice center in the Long Island, NY area following his participation in a clinical trial. In a recent update earlier this week, he shared insights into his health status and outlook.

For those interested in donating to Sutton's GoFundMe can do so here.

Sutton shared the following:

I've now been in hospice care for about 6 days and I'm still trying to prove the professionals wrong and try to keep hope alive.

The problem is my appetite….as much as I want to eat and crave so many foods I just can't seem to swallow it or the smell becomes nauseating, to me.

It's quite a torture….try to imagine wanting to eat but your taste buds make it taste different or there's something in the food that makes you feel sick.

I have to rely on the same things; Ensure nutritional drinks and fruit cups to supplement whatever I can stomach and even that is minimal because my stomach muscle is so infantly small.
I'm still fighting folks I'm not stopping.





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