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Crowbar partners with Widowmaker Brewing for 'Behind The Black Horizon' DIPA


Justin Reich

New Orleans metal legends Crowbar are set to perform at Decibel Metal & Beer Fest 2024 in Philadelphia next weekend and fans will now be able to enjoy a Hazy Double IPA with the band's name on it. 

The band partnered with Massachusetts brewery Widowmaker Brewing to create the 'Behind The Black Horizon' Hazy DIPA. The beverage will be exclusively available at the festival. 


Deicide has also partnered with 3 Floyd's Brewing (IN) to create 'The Light Defeated' stout. 


Full line up:

Biohazard (Special Urban Discipline set)
Deicide (Special Decide, Legion, & Once Upon The Cross set)
Dying Fetus (Special Old School set)
Jesus Piece
Crowbar (Special Self-titled and Odd Fellows Rest set)
Tomb Mold
Internal Bleeding
200 Stab Wounds
Will Haven
Termnial Nation
Lamp of Murmuur

Participating breweries:

3 Floyds Brewing (IN)
WarPigs Brewing (IN)
TRVE Brewing (CO)
Kings County Brewers Collective (NY)
Black Sky Brewery (CO)
Yards Brewing (PA)
Magnanimous Brewing (FL)
Ever Grain Brewing Co (PA)
XUL Beer Company (TN)
Adroit Theory Brewing (VA)
New Trail Brewing Co (PA)
Holy Mountain Brewing Co (WA)
Imprint Beer Co (PA)
Widowmaker Brewing (MA)
Attic Brewing Co (PA)
Bear Cult Brewing (DE)
Brimming Horn Meadery (DE)
Tonewood Brewing (NJ) 


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anonymous 106 days ago


anonymous 106 days ago

Or I could slam $1.25 steel reserves and shoot up some tranq before I walk in for much cheaper.

anonymous 106 days ago

this beer stuff is lame.

anonymous 105 days ago

Cool lineup for that fest

anonymous 105 days ago

Sounds fun. I'd go if I lived in the area.

anonymous 105 days ago

Imagine the smell.

anonymous 105 days ago

Goobar partners with Wangmaker Brothbone for 'Behind The Barebsck Horizon' Double Penetration Intercourse Agoogoo

anonymous 105 days ago

^ That's disgusting man. Get help.

anonymous 105 days ago

Hell yeah brothers, can't wait to beat up my girlfriend after my shift off some Crowbar IPA's

anonymous 105 days ago

Lol, that name is way too long. Ain't no way a drunk can order that shit.

anonymous 105 days ago

Lol, that name is way too long. Ain't no way a drunk can order that shit. ___ 100% spot on. I feel like every single one of these crossovers these days is like "We can't wait for you to try our new beer collab with Blakkbarkk Brewing Company, Smiling While Slowly Walking Through the Gates of Hell Weissbock" CrowbEEr? Crowbrew? Come on now.

anonymous 105 days ago

All My Liver Had It Gave

anonymous 105 days ago

Dag. You couldn't do a porter or a stout, with a name like that?

anonymous 104 days ago

^A double black IPA would be pretty good. Had one recently and it was pretty tasty at 8%

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