NewsDecember 6, 2004 12:06 AM ET17,695 views

Lit vs. Remembering Never

We don't normally consider stuff like this news, but it looks like there was a little trouble between rock band Lit and Remembering Never this weekend. Both groups were playing in Tallahassee on Friday night (Remembering Never is on tour with Most Precious Blood, It Dies Today, and Dead To Fall), and according to members of both MPB and IDT, apparently Lit had some disparaging things to say about straight edge, etc. during their show. Consequently, some things were done to Lit's tour bus and they aren't too happy. Check out their website here for photos and a diatribe against Remembering Never. Funny stuff. UPDATE: Lit have now removed the aforementioned post from their website, but have posted a partial retraction here.

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