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Shai Hulud news and notes

The Shai Hulud camp has provided an extensive update regarding recent developments. We'll kindly summarize for you. The Shai Hulud retrospective has now been completed. The CD will consist of the band's original demo with Damien Moyal, Chad Gilbert's first recording with the band, a three-song live set at NYU, in additional to other miscellaneous features. Look for that one to hit streets in February 2005. Meanwhile, the group has been preparing a reissue of their earliest releases. Producer/engineer Zeuss has been remixing material from their "Hearts One Nourished With Hope" release and their "The Fall Of Every Man" split. Essentially, the two aforementioned releases, in addition to the "Profound Hatred Of Man" EP (everything the band released with Crisis Records), will now be repackaged and released with new artwork on one CD through Revelation Records next year. In related news, the band is also working on a DVD, tentatively entitled "Pray Not A Fallen Banner." Details are sketchy at this point, but here's what the band says about it: "Yes, the DVD. Being worked on. We have a lot of footage to sift through. The DVD will cover the band from top to bottom. Should be neat to hear how badly we played in our formative years, and hilarious to see how little we improved years later." Moving on... now that Shai Hulud is no longer a band (so to speak), the new project, now called The Warmth Of Red Blood, has been working on new material. Thus far, they have completed three songs, with several more in the works. The group will eventually record a demo to shop to labels, before ultimately releasing a full-length. The outfit still haven't landed upon a new vocalist though. They are seriously considering a few candidates, but are still accepting vocal auditions.

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