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Volcandra drop "Seven Tombs" music video along with 'The Way of Ancients' release


Patrick Ballard

Volcandra has released a new music video for the track "Seven Tombs" from their latest album, The Way of Ancients, which was released today, March 1st, via Prosthetic Records and reviewed by Lambgoat here.

In keeping with their commitment to storytelling, the band's music video for "Seven Tombs" features a lighthearted portrayal of metal stereotypes, complemented by a narrative that ties into the album's overarching concept.

Speaking on the album release, Volcandra comments: 

It's been a long time coming but we're finally here and are so excited to share The Way of Ancients with the world. This record is very special to us and showcases who we are as a band better than anything that has come before. We worked hard to bring this release to life in a very calculated manner through collaborative songwriting.

This album was finely crafted to ensure that every song tells a different story and showcases our love for many different sub genres of heavy music. It's a great feeling to know that something that each of us has put 110% effort into is upon the horizon. With this album being our greatest effort to date, we hope that listeners and fans enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating The Way of Ancients. We hope that by the end of listening to this record from start to finish, people feel like they have triumphantly completed the most epic quest of their lives.

Of "Seven Tombs," the band adds: 

In short "Seven Tombs" is a straight ripper. It's the fifth track on the record, with it's ethereal intro (featuring vocals by Emily Low of Oubliette) giving the listener a bit of a breather before the song really kicks in. This song is a love letter to thrash metal, but it still retains black metal and death metal moments throughout. It's a high energy affair that we have been testing out at shows and the crowd response to this one has been great. It's a lot of fun to perform.

The lyrics tell a tale of malicious forces befalling an ancient trading port in the middle of a vast desert. The warriors in the concept story of the album must face off with undead mummies, scarab demons and viper claw snake/human mutants for starters. The song's hook or chorus focuses on relics that must be retrieved in order to create a holy staff used to find and destroy a wretched lord of pain. Once again for the music video we teamed up with Malcolm Pugh, where the five members of the band participate in a 'Heavy Metal Karaoke' contest where we poke fun at different metal stereotypes. We got a few friends involved with this one, who most of which fall victim to a Viking who doesn't handle criticism very well. This was a really fun shoot, and we hope people get a kick out of the video.

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