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Alienist deliver music video for "Hypnotise" as new EP drops


Today, Wollongong, Australia metalcore outfit Alienist have released their new Love/Hate EP available for streaming. To celebrate the EP release, the group has released a music video for the track "Hypnotise".

Vocalist Damon Renes shared the following:

We explore a lot of different themes on this EP, but obviously the entire overall theme is love/hate and the fact that there's such a big dichotomy between the two words at the same time.

People do a lot of things that are hateful, and yet use the word that they're doing it for as 'love' and vice versa," Renes adds. "Love can make you do a lot of hateful things as well. The EP explores relationships with religion, but it also explores toxic relationships and abusive relationships and the falling apart of relationships that you think were going to be your 'forever,' and what it feels like when you realise that that's not going to be the case.



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