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Party Cannon sign to Unique Leader Records, unveil new album plans and lead single

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UK-based brutal slam metal quartet, Party Cannon, announced that they have signed to Unique Leader Records. Along with the signing the band also shared plans for a new album, Injuries Are Inevitable, and the album's lead single "Weird, But Not Illegal" packaged with a music video directed by Party Cannon and Calum McMillan.

Pre-order Injuries Are Inevitable here.

Speaking on the signing and the new album the band shared:

We are hyped to announce UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS are joining the party – a label that should know much better. It's amazing to be working with the label that put out such classics as GORGASM, DISGORGE, INVERACITY, DISAVOWED as well as current favourites such as WAKING THE CADAVER, DISENTOMB, and KRAANIUM and we can't thank them enough for having us onboard. Now I know what all you fellow death metal mega virgins are thinking, an underground brutal band signs to a bigger label, have they gone soft? I can assure you that we're not the type of band to get a bigger advance and start making the softest music imaginable under the guise of 'good songwriting', Unique Leader encouraged us to make the most sonically offensive album we could. This is pure, 1000% Party Slam in its most concentrated form.

Injuries Are Inevitable' is our first concept album, the main influence being the documentary 'Class Action Park' about the iconic Action Park. The park was an infamous landmark in the 80s due to its complete disregard for any kind of rules or safety. Park guests were free to do as they please and staff were undertrained and often very drunk – most of the rides were designed and built by people who had no idea what they were doing. All this plus a massive party atmosphere resulted in ridiculous antics, serious injuries, and a number of deaths. We felt this really embodied the Party Cannon spirit and was the perfect subject matter for a concept album.

Instruments were tracked with Mike Bew at Foel Studios in Wales which is a converted farm in the middle of nowhere. We spent most days tracking until 2 am and petting the large number of meerkats that were onsite. Steve Wright (DYING FETUS, VISCERAL DISGORGE) handled mixing and mastering. As always, we kept it sounding like you're in the room with real humans playing real music real badly. Musically this album focuses more on shorter songs this time around so we can pack more nonsense into our live sets. Each song is still full of blastbeats, guttural vocals, and of course – a variety of physically punishing, sex drive raising, IQ lowering slam riffs.

Regarding the new single:

We chose "WEIRD, BUT NOT ILLEGAL" to be the first single and to open the album as it is the perfect example of what Party Slam is – if someone asked you to define our sound, you'd blast this song. Hitting that sweet spot between slamming brutal death metal and goregrind, it's packed full of fast blasts, inhuman noises, and repulsive slime this is exactly the song you need to hit a PR today. The last minute of the song is some of the most offensively danceable stuff we've ever written so we better see you getting dumb in the pit. The title covers the moral and legal grey area that Action Park operated in and how a lot of their practices only just fell in line with the law.

We really wanted to avoid the normal 'band plays in front of background' style video for this song and put out something ridiculous and entertaining. The video was filmed by Calum McMillan in Glasgow and is a tribute to our love of B-move horror films and stupid early 2000s stoner films. It is full of ridiculous gags, greenscreen effects, and tributes to some of favourite films.




Pre-order Injuries Are Inevitable here.

Injuries Are Inevitable track list:

1. Weird, But Not Illegal
2. Test The Chute
3. Not Immediately Life Threatening
4. Layne Staley Went Down The Slip n' Slide
5. Alpine Spine
6. 1983
7. Cannonball Loop
8. Safety Is Not Priority
9. Bonus Ambulance
10. Human Slime

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