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Ronnie Radke's X/Twitter account has been deleted and Falling In Reverse's website is currently down

ronnie twitter deleted

Ronnie Radke, front man of Falling In Reverse, is no stranger to online drama. However, there may be less of it involving him, at least on X/Twitter. 

Earlier today we noticed that his account, @ronnieradke, just 'doesn't exist' anymore. However, this doesn't mean that X/Twitter or Elon Musk has deleted the account due to violations, Radke himself may have and could very well deleted the account on his own. 


Visiting the Falling In Reverse website also revealed that it is down but redirects you to a password url. Also of note, the band's Instagram account is gone. If that happened prior, then our bad, we never check their account out. But all that in tandem with Radke deleting his X/Twitter account may very well lead to some 'big' announcement regarding both Radke and the band.


Radke has always been very vocal online and continuously battles 'trolls' on social media, so maybe he is taking a break from it all. Who knows, but more importantly, who cares?


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