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Wristmeetrazor release new single “Trepanation” and announce new album 'Degeneration'

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Washington D.C metalcore outfit Wristmeetrazor have released their new single "Trepanation" from the upcoming new album, Degeneration, out March 29th via Prosthetic Records.

Pre-order Degeneration here.

Wristmeetrazor's latest release, Degeneration, concocts a potent blend of metalcore and early screamo influences. The album delivers chug-tastic rhythms with a fearless incorporation of octaves, dissonance, and occasional riffs. The group showcases a diverse musical toolbox, yet maintains a striking aesthetic cohesion. Their sound, while expansive, never succumbs to gimmicks, ensuring a robust and unified experience without any compromise between their dual influences.

Vocalist Justin Fornof commented:

We chose Trepanation as the first single because it summed up the new direction of the record in the most aggressive way possible. Unlike our last record, this one features new members Elaine on bass and Nate on guitar. The song is the reflection of a dream I had a few days before flying to New Jersey to record, I had dreamed that I was in some sort of nightmarish cooking show that had me cut off my own hand, boil and eat it. Afterwards I looked at the stump where my hand was and felt phantom movements. The record is about misanthropy and being driven beyond nihilism to hate, this song is my self-internalization of that. Pain seeks more pain, at least in my experience.


Along with the new single, the band also shared a Cameron Nunez-directed music video.




The effort was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Randy LeBoeuf.


Wristmeetrazor - Degeneration Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

Degeneration tracklist:

  1. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead
  2. Static Reckoning
  3. Trepanation
  4. Xeroxed Reflection (feat Kevin Iavaroni)
  5. DogdayGod
  6. Love Thy Enmity
  7. Culled and Forgotten
  8. Synthetic-51n
  9. No Ceremony
  10. The Vanity Procession
  11. Negative Fix
  12. Greatest Love Offering in the History of the World

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