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Architects respond to social media uproar: "No one on this stage judges anybody" for race or gender

Sam Carter Architects

Architects guitarist Adam Christianson recently found himself in hot water over a re-post he made on social media platform X. The post featured controversial political figure Tim Pool reposting outspoken MMA fighter Sean Strickland.

Christianson deleted the repost quickly after receiving backlash online, saying:


Tim Pool later supported the band, posting:


The original repost by Christianson:

[Image via ThePRP]


After that, others poured through posts he liked on the platform, and found more items they found questionable, leading to a growing number of online supporters asking for the band to make ammends.  


Of course, Ronnie Radke then jumped in the fray, asking Spiritbox if they would drop off their upcoming tour with Architects, much like they did last year when online backlash forced Spiritbox to cancel their dates with Radke, leading Radke to call out Spiritbox fans and deem them communists.




After the growing online chorus for the band to make a statement, it seems vocalist Sam Carter has commented on the matter. 

At their show tonight with Loathe and Spiritbox at Zenith Paris in France, Carter said:


No one on this stage judges anybody for their gender, their race, and whoever they are in love with. We never have, we never will. 

That is not what this band stands for, and that is not what this band will ever stand for. 

We love every single one of you.


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