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Ryujin and Matt Heafy's collaboration sparked by mutual interest in the shamisen

Ryoji Shinomoto Matthew K Heafy

Samurai metal trio Ryujin collaborated with Matthew K. Heafy of Trivium to produce their latest self-titled album released January 12th via Napalm Records

In a brand new interview with Metal Insider, vocalist Ryoji Shinomoto of Ryujin explained how the collaboration centered around their mutual love of the shamisen, a classical Japanese stringed instrument. Both artists had been independently exploring the incorporation of the shamisen in their music, leading to the collaboration. 

According to Shinomoto, Heafy brought a new dimension to Ryujin's sound, particularly in vocal technique, transitioning Shinomoto from his traditional screaming style to clean vocals.

Shinomoto explained:

At first, after an interview with Metal Hammer, the reporter and Matt were talking about us and X. It was around the time that his Ibaraki was released, and he was also talking about the three tones. Both he and I were using the shamisen. We saw them talking and got in touch!

We were just getting ready to start our new activities after Corona, and we wanted to try something new. So I asked him to be my guest at first and he agreed to do more work for me!

He taught me the possibilities of clean vocals. He also coached me a lot on vocals. I think it was a lot of work for him. Because I was a screamer. Also, as I said earlier, it expanded the band's possibilities. In other words, it opened my eyes to the possibility of playing many different types of music. I never thought the day would come when I would sing a ballad. I also like making pop songs, but I try not to play them in a band. But he also broke those chains. I'm sure that what he gave me will continue to live on forever.



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