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Issues announce Atlanta farewell shows support; Gideon and He Is Legend


The final supporting acts for Issues' farewell shows in Atlanta, GA have been revealed. Joining the Atlanta-based metalcore act that weekend will be Gideon and He Is Legend

The event is scheduled to take place in The Masquerade, on Saturday Alabama's Gideon will provide support. While on Sunday North Carolina's He Is Legend will open.

Issues shared the following:


Gideon x He Is Legend x The Funeral Portrait

Gideon has always been an influence on our sound even tracing all the way back to Black Diamonds. They've only gotten better over the years combining heavy ass riffs with a ton of groove and just the right amount of southern charm. We got a ton of love for these dudes and can't wait to have them close out these final shows with us.

He Is Legend is one of the most iconic bands to exist and also just straight up one of our favorite bands to ever do it. They inspired an entire generation of heavy music by doing whatever they wanted and writing whatever they wanted. You don't normally see bands 20 years into their career releasing some of their best music but these dudes don't miss. By far one of the most respected bands out there. It's truly an honor to have them play what will be the last issues show ever on the 28th in Atlanta.

And finally, The Funeral Portrait. Long time fixtures in the Atlanta scene, they're finally having their moment and it's about damn time. Top tier songwriting and genuine edge have always put them ahead of the pack. We've known some of these dudes for yeeeaaaars and it feels really good to see people finally paying attention, and it'll feel even better to watch them at the masquerade again.

That's all the supports announced y'all. Each show we tried to curate a direct support band that has been an influence on us, and an opener we truly believe in. We got more surprises down the line so stay tuned, and make sure you get tickets sooner than later or you'll be sad!

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