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Former Sharptooth vocalist Marissa Ward speaks on band break up

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One year after introducing Marissa Ward of Backswing as their new vocalist and unveiling the Imperfect Animal EP on Bandcamp, Maryland hardcore band Sharptooth appeared to fade from the spotlight. The band seemingly confirmed their breakup last month through a solitary image post on their social media platforms, accompanied by the removal of Imperfect Animal from Bandcamp.

While the band has remained largely silent regarding the dissolution, Ward addressed some aspects and clarified matters for fans on social media two weeks ago. In her statements, Ward echoed sentiments reminiscent of the departure of the previous vocalist, Lauren Kashan, in 2021. Additionally, she affirmed her friendship with Kashan and emphasized that there is no animosity between them.

Ward's statement read:

I wasn't going to say anything, since I didn't have anything nice to say in the first place. Sharptooth broke up months ago very quietly, and I have done my best to distance myself from it since. Not being "my" band, I didn't feel it was proper to speak out on its ending, but realize now that some things must be communicated. First off, Lauren and I are friends. There is no bad blood between us. Secondly, she was absolutely on point in her initial statement when she left Sharptooth, I experienced very similar circumstances. Behind the scenes I was belittled mocked, disrespected, and tokenized as a means to further someone else's name. My likeness and "image" were used to define something I had no control over or say in. Even the breakup announcement went without any previous member knowing or having any say. it was an absolute pleasure to have connected with fans of Sharptooth and to have been accepted as a part of its legacy. It's always an honor to create, even if it's with less than savory circumstances. I truly hope moving forward to distance mysefl further and further as myself and others heal from what can only be described as silly bullshit. Love y'all.

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