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Twitching Tongues and Ghostemane drummer Cayle Sain has passed away

Cayle Sain

Per a statement from 197 Media and later confirmed by Twitching Tongues on social media platform X, drummer Cayle Sain, recognized most recently as the drummer for Twitching Tongues and Ghostemane, has died. Details regarding the cause of his death have not been disclosed.

Sain's notable career spanned several bands, including time spent with Betrayal, Downpresser, Fuming Mouth, God's Hate, If I Die First, Mizery, and Troncale.

Sain's bandmate Taylor Young commented:

Cayle left an immeasurable mark on this world in experience and in music. He lived 100 lives in the span that he was with us. Everybody has or knows a hilarious Cayle story, and EVERY record he graced will stand the test of time. He always said he looked up to us as musicians but in truth, there's no one who came close to him as a drummer. I'm sorry my friend, we did so much cool shit together and I wish you knew how much you'll be missed and appreciated. Cayle Sain.



















As a result of this news HardLore podcast has canceled their upcoming awards show.


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