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Anthrax and Pantera's Charlie Benante delves into paranormal activity at Ohio State Reformatory

Charlie Benante

In July, Anthrax and currently Pantera drummer, Charlie Benante, sat down for an interview with Danny Wimmer Presents' "Paranormal Prison" at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. This interview took place ahead of the band's performance at the Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival.

The Ohio State Reformatory, constructed in 1886, operated for nearly a century as a correctional facility. During its operational years, it housed over 154,000 inmates. The facility has been a backdrop for several notable films, such as "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Air Force One." Now a landmark on the National Register Of Historic Places, it's renowned for having the world's largest free-standing steel cellblock and has gained a reputation as a premier location for ghost hunting.

Initially intended as a reformatory for minor offenders, the institution transitioned into a maximum-security prison by the 1920s. However, it ultimately closed down, plagued by issues of overcrowding and poor living conditions.

The site also holds a grim record: an estimated 25,000 prisoners and several corrections officers are believed to have died within its walls. 

In the video, Charlie Benante discusses his feelings about the prison, mentioning that he feels nervous because of an upcoming show but also acknowledges the intense history of the site. He recalls playing at the prison before and finding it creepy.

The investigation begins by exploring various parts of the prison, including the shower room, where they attempt to communicate with spirits using a spirit box. 

They seemingly hear a voice identifying itself as Dalton and other ambiguous sounds and voices. Benante expresses discomfort and a feeling of tightness in his chest at one point, prompting him to move to a different area.

Benante shares a personal paranormal experience he had in a hotel in Glasgow, where he saw a shadowy figure. The investigation then continues in different parts of the prison, with the spirit box being used multiple times, but alas, they do not receive any more clear responses.

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