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Harm's Way guitarist Bo Lueders kissed without consent at Halloween show in Richmond

Bo Lueders

UPDATE: In clarifying with the parties involved, the "assault" comment was a reference to Billy Madison, and Lueders does not feel the actions below rise to the level of sexual assault, so we have updated the headline to say "kissed without consent". For the full story, listen to The HardLore podcast's Q&A episode here

In a recent episode of the HardLore podcast, co-host Bo Lueders shared a peculiar incident that occurred at a Harm's Way show at the Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia on Halloween, 10/31. 

In talking with his co-host Colin Young, Lueders talked about an encounter with a fan who requested a photo after the show. However, things took an unexpected turn when the individual proceeded to grab Lueders' face and kiss him on the lips without consent.

Lueders described the incident as "weird" and emphasized that such behavior is unacceptable, regardless of the gender involved. He urged against engaging in any form of non-consensual physical contact, emphasizing the importance of respecting personal boundaries.

Lueders recounted:

A chick kissed me in Richmond, taking a picture. It was really weird.

So she was like "Can I get a picture with you—after the show?"

Totally normal, whatever, I'm a mess. I'm covered in face paint and sweat.

So she does the selfie and then grabbed my face and kissed me.

Co-host Colin Young responded:

On the lips?

Lueders confirmed:


Young chimed in:

That's assault brother.

Lueders said:

It was really weird.

Young stated:

You can't do that.

Lueders agreed:

Yeah, don't do that.

I mean male, female, don't matter. Don't do that.

Young then joked:

Male would be fine.


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