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Insomnium release EP, share new music video for "Stained In Red"


Terhi Ylimäinen

Official press release:

Today (Nov. 3rd) doesn't only mark the release of Insomnium's Songs of the Dusk- EP, but also the video for "Stained in Red" - created by The Dor Brothers with the help of AI.

Guitarist Ville Friman shared the following:

'Stained in Red' was written during the pandemic as an antidote to lighter, acoustic-orientated stuff we were coming up with. After the more mellow 'Argent Moon - EP', I wanted to write something more aggressive and heavier", says Ville Friman (guitars). "Some influences from Opeth and Gojira can possibly be heard on this one, as these bands were on heavy rotation on my playlist at that time.

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