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Blue Ridge Rock Festival under investigation from the Virginia Dept. of Health

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The aftermath of the Blue Ridge Rock Festival from three weeks ago is still unfolding. As discussed in Metal Insider's headbangers' brawl, attendees were reporting gastrointestinal issues. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH), in collaboration with the Southside Health District, is actively investigating these complaints. According to WRIC, festival-goers, including Andy Petite from Massachusetts, have complained of nausea and diarrhea, potentially linked to the event. Petite and three friends who consumed water from festival stations allegedly fell ill, exhibiting similar symptoms. Petite, suspecting exposure to giardia, underwent medical testing.

Petite himself works in healthcare and shared (taken from WRIC):

There's discoloration, there's all sorts of stuff. I'm 172 pounds right now which is 13 pounds less than I was at the age of 13. Our nurse practitioner said 'Andy you need to go immediately to employee health and tell them you may have ingested parasitics or been introduced to one at least.'

Still unsure what the actual diagnosis is, so it's a little concerning but I was cleared to return to work.

Petite has since been cleared to return to work but still has no diagnosis.

To gather insights, VDH is urging all attendees to complete a confidential survey, regardless of their health status. The survey aims to identify patterns and determine the cause of the reported illnesses. Questions cover topics such as water consumption, use of facilities, vendor food intake, and proximity to the Dan River.

Those who camped at the festival continue to describe post-storm conditions as challenging, with soaked camps and overflowing porta-potties. 

Petite elaborated on his first-hand experience:

The camps, they were completely soaked, and with the porta potties overflowing with water, we were all literally traipsing around poop.

Blue Ridge Rock Festival officials acknowledged the situation in a statement last week, attributing the festival's cancellation to weather. However, skepticism lingers among attendees. Refund details remain unaddressed, with the festival promising more information soon.

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