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Taylor Young and The Pit studio forced to relocate, facing eviction after 17 years

Taylor Young

In a sudden turn of events, Taylor Young and his wife Kylla, known for their acclaimed home studio named The Pit, have received an unexpected 60-day notice to vacate their premises. Operating for over 17 years, The Pit has played an integral role in California's bustling hardcore/punk/metal scene.

The studio has catered to a vast array of bands, including Drain, Militarie Gun, Mindforce, Sunami, Rotting Out, Twitching Tongues, God's Hate, and Suicide Silence, among others. Throughout the years The Pit has become a hub for recording and accommodating hardcore, punk, and metal acts from all corners of the globe.

Now, faced with the daunting task of relocating, Taylor and Kylla find themselves having to start from scratch. The untimely eviction not only disrupts their operations but also entails a significant financial setback, resulting in a loss of income until a new space is ready.

Initially hesitant to seek external support, a GoFundMe campaign has been created on their behalf by Bo Lueders of Harm's Way/Hardlore podcast. 

Lueders says via the GoFundMe page:

"Every single cent donated will be entirely invested in rebuilding The Pit's new studio location and every single donor will play a vital role in every new piece of music that comes out of studio as long as it exists."

For those interested, a special benefit stream for The Pit will take place this Friday via Whatnot as well.

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