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Anti-Flag vocalist Justin Sane accused of 12 more incidents of sexual misconduct, including minors

Seven of these women were teenagers when these encounters occurred, one only twelve


Anti-Flag, known for their politically inclined punk rock and activism, had disbanded earlier this summer amid rumors and allegations surrounding its vocalist/guitarist Justin Sane, also known as Justin Geever

The allegations were brought forth by Kristina Sarhadi, a New York-based holistic therapist and health coach, who told of a harrowing experience with Sane, the allegations that ultimately led to Anti-Flag disbanding.

Geever, in response to the previous allegations, denied any wrongdoing and stated that the claims against him were categorically false. He emphasized that all his sexual relationships had been consensual and that no woman had ever accused him of acting without her consent. 

However, a recent Rolling Stone article reveals that twelve more women have come forward with allegations against Sane, ranging from incidents dating back to the 90s to claims of non-consensual BDSM.  

These additional twelve women have come forward with disturbing accounts of their encounters with Justin Sane, alleging sexual advances, non-consensual acts, and emotional distress. The allegations include sexual assault, misconduct, statutory rape, grooming, and more. 

Shockingly, seven of these women were teenagers when these encounters occurred, and one was just 12 years old, while Justin was 17 at the time. The full list of allegations and evidence are presented at Rolling Stone.

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