NewsDecember 20, 2000 1:43 PM ET2,880 views

Eighteen Visions new material

Eighteen Visions now has there own website. Who doesn't? Anyway, the band reports that have written 4 new songs. Only one of the songs has vocals and they will be playing that one on tour. Here's a quote: "I can only describe the songs as extreme. the heavy parts are heavier, the emo parts actually have some singing and the rest is f*cked up, off time as usual, brutality. I'm not sure what's going on as far as recording but we have a lot of stuff in mind." Apparently some of things they have "in mind" are:
  • a "best of" re-recording of older songs
  • a new full length which will most likely feature the 4 new songs
  • a cover album, including possible songs from Unbroken, the Beatles, Green Day, Chuck Berry, and others

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