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H2O drops from Tells Bells Fest due to sickness, Stick To Your Guns plays full H2O cover set


Recently H2O had to cancel their European touring plans due to guitarist and backing vocalist Rusty Pistachio developing a kidney stone, followed by a bout of COVID. This meant they had to cancel their second Tells Bells Festival performance in a row after missing last year as well. 

Pistachio two weeks ago shared:

"Trying to think how to word this …

Hey everyone , regretfully won't be able to do the August Euro run due to health issues, more specifically after suffering through the west coast GB run with kidney stones that had me pissing blood for a week , I returned home to find out I now have Covid . Not just a 1 -2 punch , but a total knock out.

Under Dr's orders I'm grounded until I'm healthy enough to start the blood panel work she needs to diagnose my kidney issues.

I haven't missed an H20 tour since we started in 1994 so this really hurts in more ways than one. We've tried to find someone to cover for me but as it stands no one is available. ( Matt tested positive for Covid as well)

This Truly Sucks …

My apologies to all of you that bought tickets and made travel plans to see us, you are genuinely appreciated and I hope one day to Thank You all in person for your support 🙏🏼

To the promoters booking agents tour managers , my brothers in H20 , I'm sorry to let you down, I wish I had the strength to make this happen ; universe once again reminding me that I'm only human 🙏🏼 ❤️"

In their absence, Stick To Your Guns was able to fill their slot and play an entire H2O cover set.

The band shared:

"For those that don't know…Stick To Your Guns GO!

Unfortunately H2O had to cancel @tells_bells_festival so we did the only logical thing we knew...a H2O cover set. Thanks to everyone for singing along. Shout out @miakeller for the intro!"

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