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Freya drop another 'Fight As One' single, “Omens”

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Long-standing metallic hardcore band Freya is on the cusp of celebrating their 20th anniversary since their debut release, As the Last Light Drains back in 2003 via Victory Records. Returning to their roots, the band is set to unleash a new album titled Fight As One on September 22 under Upstate Records

Freya has now offered a third glimpse into their upcoming effort with the release of a new single, "Omens."

Vocalist Karl Buechner shares:

"Omens one of my favorite songs on Fight As One. When Ethan and Eric first played it for me the energy of the beats and riffs  emanated a spirit of positivity. I wanted the lyrics to match with that brightness. Pessimism is like gravity; it's a force that is always there dragging us down and it has to constantly be fought against. Omens is about that struggle. Constant effort, discipline and positivity are how we incrementally advance towards our goals. To me this song is an important reminder."

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