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Pains unleash 2-track single, "Smoldering Willows/The Suffering Is The Point"


Midwest grinding death trio Pains are back with their latest, a self-released 2-track single titled "Smoldering Willows/The Suffering Is The Point." The singles come with a visualizer with visuals by Torey Kervick. The singles are to be available on all streaming platforms starting July 7.

"Smoldering Willows" kicks off with Pains' signature seething ferocity. On the other hand, they bring it down a notch with "The Suffering Is The Point," allowing for more breathing room and focusing on a consistent heaviness throughout. Both songs were recorded and mixed by Zack Farrar of Choir Room Audio and mastered by Pete Grossmann of Bricktop Studios.

Vocalist/guitarist Alex Gaspar speaks on the new singles:

"'Smoldering,' specifically, is about how peace and tranquility are always at the cusp of being destroyed or set ablaze, constantly smoldering beneath the surface. The fabric of nature and society has been tarnished to a point where at any moment, the fragility of communal harmony can be engulfed in flames from the harm caused by those who seek to use power as a weapon.

'Suffering' continues those themes and further expands them by claiming to the audience, in the title itself, the true intended purpose of oppression; the suffering is the point. Human anguish isn't mere punishment, it is the purpose of existence. You are a cog meant to be worked into dust and serve no greater meaning. As with most of our songs, 'Suffering' does not end in lament but rather circles back to the theme of justified rage, now imagining the anger turned into violence.

These two new songs are only the start of a lot more consistent musical releases from PAINS, and we hope to come with that, more opportunities to tour and expand this band, which we think has a lot of room to grow and is just scratching the surface of our capabilities and potential."

Pains formed in 2016, going through a few lineup changes before settling on the current trio of Alex Gaspar (guitar/vocals), Nick Clemenson (drums), and Eric Starks (bass/vocals). While the members currently reside in different parts of Wisconsin and Illinois, they consider Rockford, IL, where Gaspar grew up and Clemenson currently lives, as their home.

Pains find their sound by combining elements of grind, death metal, and hardcore/punk. They aim to be as fast, heavy, and in-your-face as possible while also showcasing dynamic range in both intensity and mood. The blistering and crushing sound heard in their newest represents the start of a focused direction for Pains, with more exciting releases on the horizon. 

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