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KEN Mode release new single off upcoming album

Ken Mode Single

Brenna Faris

KEN mode released their eighth album, NULL, in September 2020. Now, KEN mode returns with their ninth full-length release, VOID, which serves as a companion piece to NULL, sharing the same inspiration and recording timeline. Not just a simple rehashing of their previous work, VOID delves into the despondency and disappointment that followed the initial shock of COVID-19, offering a more restrained and introspective take on the theme.

KEN mode's Jesse Matthewson states:

"This album is the companion piece to 2022's NULL album. Both were written and produced at the same time, throughout the pandemic, and recorded by Andrew Schneider in the fall of 2021."

"The two-album arc was written with the intention of being two separate works that could be coupled together to make one full album."

While other songs on VOID explore slower tempos, synths, and spoken-word elements, their signature aggression remains present. Together, NULL and VOID comprise two separate works that tell the story of the pandemic's toll on our collective psyche, with no happy ending in sight.

Matthewson continues:

"VOID conveys the overwhelming sadness and disappointment of 2021, after the initial crazed shock of 2020. We saw our circumstances continue to be held up by the lowest common denominator, as we attempted to move forward with our lives."


In September, KEN mode will embark on a European tour, including dates with Fange and Lingua Ignota, in support of VOID's release. 

Until then and the release of VOID, check out the new single "The Shrike" below:

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