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Terror, The Black Dahlia Murder show interrupted by overzealous security, "I don't think so!"

Terror Security

Shaolin G, frontman of UnityTX, posted a video on Twitter of Terror's recent performance on their tour with The Black Dahlia Murder on May 5, 2023 at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, TX.

In the video, it shows a security guard pushing fans trying to get to Terror vocalist Scott Vogel to sing along, which is a typical scene at any hardcore show. In an attempt to share the mic with fans, Vogel tosses the mic into the crowd. At that point, the security guard grabs the mic and says, "I DON'T THINK SO!", before handing it back to Vogel.

Terror ultimately addressed the situation via Tweet:

"Ridglea Theater in Ft. Worth easily has the worst security this band has encountered in all 20 years of existence. And if you know us, that's saying A LOT."

The video, which has been circulating on social media and has garnered attention from fans and even a few big name hardcore vocalists, Bryan Garris and Colin Young. At the time of reporting the video has been seen over 350,000 times.

Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris retweeted, saying:

"Security guard at hc/metal show that has never seen a hc/metal show is the dumbest shit of all time. Fuck them all"

Colin Young of God's Hate, Twitching Tongues, and the HardLore Podcast had a few words for the security guard as well:

"Security guards that abuse their crumb of power to fulfill their fantasies of roughing up kids should be beaten into a medically induced coma with zero exceptions 🙂"

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