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Ex-Megadeth bassist David Ellefson talks sex scandal, says he's been unjustly criminalized

David Ellefson

Former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has spoken out about his departure from the band in a recent interview with The Metal Circus TV. According to Ellefson, he was discharged from Megadeth due to personal grudges and resentments towards him. The sex scandal involving a leaked video that appeared to put Ellefson in a compromising position was also a factor in his firing. James LoMenzo replaced him after Testament's Steve Di Giorgio stepped in to record bass on Megadeth's latest album, The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!


Despite his departure from Megadeth, Ellefson has continued to make music with new bands, such as The Lucid and Dieth, and has compared his exit from Megadeth to being "kicked out of Hell." Ellefson also stated that he feels like a "victim of unnecessary criminalization" and that everything about the incident was not okay. 

"Everything about that was just not OK... You can spend your life trying to get justice, trying to go down that road, and it's kind of like it always just follows you."

In a May 2021 statement, Ellefson maintained that the actions in the video were between two consenting adults and were recorded without his knowledge, and that he is cooperating with the police in their investigation regarding revenge porn laws.


However, Megadeth informed him of his dismissal later that month, citing an already strained relationship and the revealed details as enough to make working together impossible. 

At the time, Megadeth gave a statement saying:

"We are informing our fans that David Ellefson is no longer playing with Megadeth and that we are officially parting ways with him. We do not take this decision lightly. 


While we do not know every detail of what occurred, with an already strained relationship, what has already been revealed now is enough to make working together impossible."

Although Ellefson stated that he did not leave the band by choice, he has continued to produce music, unlike others who may have opted to exit the music industry altogether.

Ellefson's departure from Megadeth may have been due in part to personal grudges and resentments, but he continues to make music with the aforementioned bands and even more musicians, including former Megadeth members Jeff Young and Chris Poland in yet another band, Kings of Thrash.

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