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Underoath guitarist James Smith let go three days before tour, according to his wife

Jen and James Smith

Jen Smith, wife of ex-Underoath guitarist James Smith, recently posted a statement on her Instagram implying that James was let go by the band just three days before their current tour with Periphery and Loathe was set to begin. While Jen said they had no answers on why James was dismissed from the band, she did make it clear that any PR explanations can be considered "tall tales" and that their family life is good.

In the statement, Jen praised her husband as "the most consistent, humble, and gentle individual" she has ever known, mentioning the fact that James had just gone shopping to ensure their pantry was stocked while he was away on tour. She also described how he had played a festival show and filmed a music video with the band as recently as last month.

Lambgoat has reached out to Underoath for comment on the situation. 

Jen Smith's statement read:

"Per usual, I have many, many thoughts, and many, many views on this.
I really want to come at this one time, and go back to usual, uplifting posts.

But the greatest of them is this: James has always been and remains the most consistent, humble, and gentile individual that I have ever known. 

Last month, he played a festival show, filmed a music video, and looked on to next steps. He went to Costco and stocked our pantry and freezer so that we'd have everything we needed during his time away. He prepared to pack for a month long tour, and three days before they were to leave, the rest of the band abruptly decided otherwise. No more, no less. 

Whatever PR stories that come up going forward are their tall tales to tell. If you've heard "personal issues," "work things," or "family stuff," none of that is true. 

We are more solid than ever in our marriage, and grow more deeply connected to our children every single day. He will never again miss a single sports game, major kid achievement, or family cannonball in the pool. We are beyond grateful that James is ours, and more of him is GOOD.

Playing in this band never defined him. Or me, as his wife. We have so much good in our lives, and there will always be so much GOOD. 

But it was never supposed to be this way. If you're looking for answers, we have none. But we do have a community who loves us, friends who support us well, and even sweet fans reaching out with their kindness. What he has given Underoath, what WE have given, will be remembered fondly, in time."

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