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Morbid Angel is taking their time with new music, but they are working on it

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After a prolonged hiatus following the critically panned Illud Divinum Insanus in 2011, Morbid Angel returned to their death metal roots with Kingdoms Disdained in 2017. Despite eventually hitting the road, the band recently announced a hiatus in 2022 and decided not to perform at Maryland Death Fest or any other shows in the current climate.

However, Morbid Angel is now back and currently touring with Revocation and Crypta, leading to speculation about the possibility of new music. When asked about this in an interview with That Metal Podcast, frontman Steve Tucker revealed that the band is still getting reacquainted with being a band again and has been experimenting with some riffs in the process.


Tucker shared the following on That Metal Podcast:

I'm hoping so, man. We're tossing around some ideas and things like that. Right now, man, we really are just trying to knock the fucking rust off — get back out, do shows and get back to [getting] used to being in a band.

There's a lot of social politics in a band. You have multiple members, and sometimes you have to get back in that vibe, in that groove and get used to working together and around each other again.

You can listen/watch the entire episode elbow.

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