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.giffromgod announce new EP, 'Digital Red'

.giffromgod 2023

Jamie Betts

Official press release:

Richmond, VA grind outfit .giffromgod have emerged from the hive with their first set of new material since their 2019 full-length, approximation_of_a_human. Titled Digital Red, .giffromgod's latest EP is a ponderance on the group's fragmented nightmares, anxious days and nausea toward waking life.


Speaking on the EP announcement, the band comments:

Digital Red is anxious music written during a particularly anxious period of time.

Across Digital Red's 18-minute runtime .giffromgod utilises every second available to exorcise their somnolent fears and expunge real-world anxieties, all the while with hopeful eyes cast toward better futures.

1. knife goes in, guts come out
2. a kiss for every hornet
3. the cow's meow
4. youth medium: child psychic
5. meat man meets man
6. dream futures

Pre-orders are available here.

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