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Deadguy tease new material, share two videos of new untitled tracks

deadguy practice 2023

william saunders

Last year we had the opportunity to sit down with Deadguy during the media push for the band's Deadguy: Killing Music documentary release. In that sit down our Editor uncovered that Deadguy was working on a split with Pig Destroyer and currently booking shows. 

The band followed through with booking shows but we had yet to see, or hear for that matter, anything regarding new music. Until today. 


Over the weekend we had the pleasure to sit in during the latest Deadguy practice. During that practice, the band played a few new tracks. Filmed by William Saunders (creator of Deadguy: Killing Music and Lambgoat's Executive Producer of Video) you can watch and hear the two song previews below.

There is no other concrete information available regarding if these songs are the songs that will end up on Pig Destroyer split, but we can report they are writing more material than that. When those new songs will see the light of day, we do not know.


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