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Dismember stream 'The Complete Demos 1988-1990' & 'Like An Everflowing Stream (1991 Master)'


Official press release:

Swedish death metal pioneers Dismember are proud to announce that as of today the compilation The Complete Demos (1988-1990) as well as the rare 1991 master of their classic debut, Like An Everflowing Stream, are finally available on streaming services.


In 2022, Dismember began to relaunch their complete catalog and this mission continues in 2023! The newest entry is a carefully restored collection of their earliest works titled The Complete Demos (1988-1990). This release was remastered by Patrick W. Engel from new tape transfers by Nicola Costantini ('Encyclopedia Of Svensk Döds Metall'), and showcases the early days in the band's evolution culminating in the infamous Reborn in Blasphemy demo which initiated the group's career with Nuclear Blast Records.

In addition, Nuclear Blast and Dismember are happy to release the rare June 1991 master of the band's debut album, Like An Everflowing Stream, which due to its higher dynamic range is considered to be the superior sounding version of the recording. Until now it had only been available on one particular CD pressing from 1991, but an old copy was unearthed while restoring the group's back catalog, so it can finally be made available to a wider audience. Enjoy it in all its gory glory!


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